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Pallet Flow

Pallet Flow Rack


Pallet-Flow Rack uses gravity-driven conveyors to move pallets. Each lane contains either roll tracks which require higher quality pallets or full width rollers which will work with a variety of pallet qualities. The tracks are placed on a decline and gravity is used to move the pallets from one location to another. As a pallet is unloaded, the one behind it moves forward. Pallet Flow Rack suits FIFO inventory well because, as the pallets are moved from the loading and unloading ends, the first pallet loaded is removed first. Our team of experts will assist you in determining if Pallet Flow Rack is the right solution for you. Call today for a free consultation and quote.


A High Density Favorite

Maximum Cube Utilization.

• No limit to pallet depth, enabling high density storage.

• Keeps pace with high volume production lines.

• Eliminates need for fork trucks, lowering cost and gaining flexibility.

• Greater First In First Out Capabilities.

• Rollers may be retrofitted into your existing Selective Rack for Tremendous Savings!