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Carton Flow

Carton Flow Rack


Carton Flow Rack systems accommodate everything from fast movers or slow movers to odd-shaped cartons, bins, or merchandise. You can store the same amount in half the space required of static shelving or racks.  You can also have first in, first out or tote access. Typically a flow system integrates components into a series of bays, so you can arrange all your goods in family groupings in their natural picking sequence. Carton-flow lanes can be retrofitted to any new or existing pallet rack. No shelves or intermediate support is needed. To determine if carton-flow is the right solution for your picking operation, call the American Stoage And Logistics, Inc. team of experts for a free analysis. The right solution at the right price, delivered fast.


• Greater density of carton storage

• First In, First out

• Can be added to any existing rack system for more efficient real estate utilization